Tuesday, December 31, 2013

summary of 2013

January 2013

started the year with a very sad new.my grandma (my mother's mother) passed away due to cancer, this was devastating moments

 after all those sad new, the man and i went to penang  for a relaxing vacation to soothe all the tension nerves.

February 2013

the man and i went back to my hometown and celebrated chinese new year with my families..my youngest sister unable to join us as she is studying abroad in india

March 2013

the man and i had planned for wedding end of the year..i found one bridal photographer that i love in my state, hence we booked air tickets and went there booking arrangement
we even started to stick photos on the wall..this is a wall full of great memories
April 2013

i attended 2-days makeup course and proudly graduated with certificate..

May 2013

my colleauges and i decided to open a small business selling phone covers..eventhough in the end we closed down the business after 2 months trying..never try never know..
i did a huge decision on my birthday.the man and i registered ourself  for the 10km running in sentosa island.and we did great supporting each others through the run
 this month was our anniversary month too..we ate in expensive restaurant and we bought each others a cap..

June 2013

i went to taiwan with my friends and i did enjoyed very much during this vacation..though i miss my man too much as he did not join us..

July 2013

the man and i met up with my best friend and her daughter,shannice for the first time since she born seven months ago.i gave shannice a gold pendant as a gift..she's just adorable as possible

i went to east cost park for the first time..i did cycling there
 i went to second 10km running with the man and colleauges

August 2013

the man and i went back to kuching for the pre-wedding photo shooting session that we had booked earlier and we managed to meet up with my families..

September 2013

the man and i went to chinatown to view all the mid-autumn decorations

October 2013

halloween was creepy..but cute with the existing of mickey and minnie
 we did third 10km running nearby our home..

November 2013

on this month,i was so ready for christmas to arrive..
 the man and i traveled in bus for the first time in kl

December 2013

the man and i officially married..and now we are husband and wife..
i love you 2013..you gave me so much chances to learn and to grow..to be a better woman.and i think i did pretty great this year..

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

from canon 600d: be merry,be happy

where i wore this to: office..and feeling more christmasy..

it's been a while since i had posted outfit post..wedding stuffs made us crazy and busy.our wedding is on this coming 28th december..please pray hard that everything will be going on smoothly as planned.

in the meantime, please enjoy this holiday season! i'm going out for countdown later on with the man and his friends..happy eve!!

blouse: bysi
skirt: g2000

Sunday, December 22, 2013

malaysia, sarikei: wet market

whenever i returned to my hometown, my mum will always did home-cooked food for us.I'm very fortunate to have such a caring mother in this world.

mostly, she bought meats and veges from wet market.

i enjoyed following her to the wet market even though i hate the smell.
i enjoyed seeing her trying to bargain for cheaper prices.
i enjoyed seeing her picking up the freshest veges from the stalls.
i enjoyed seeing her chit-chatting with the stalls owner whose she recognized..
i enjoyed seeing her satisfying smile after she bought what she wanted..

the prices are reasonable and every goods seem so fresh! most of the veges were freshly picked from the farmers and sold directly to the wet market.this is the place where every mums' would love to visit daily.

oppss..forgot to mention that we need to be very very very early (like 7am..is this still consider early?)to shop for the goods as the farmers will closed their stalls before noon.

and did i mention our wet market sell world-most-delicious-nasi lemak, just for RM1?!! yummy!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

we are getting married!!

sorry i had being mia for some days..i got a very solid reason behind this mia. the man and i are getting marry!!

since both of us are from different states, we had to organize two wedding dinners for both of our relatives. we had one dinner in my hometown on 16th the other days and we will be having another official one on 28th in the man's hometown.

sounds cool, but all the events making everyone exhausted. we just returned from my hometown and currently i'm blogging from singapore..the man still resting on the bed while i just awake from my 5 hours nap.

hopefully more posts to come..we are busy!

Friday, December 6, 2013

happy birthday to my man & to-do lists for the weekend

sorry for being mia for a week..the man had found new game and he glued to the laptop whole night until i don't have a chance to blog.

i think i'm the worst person in the world..i forgotten that today is my man's 29th birthday.lucky enough he got a bunch of friends to celebrate for him yesterday..blame the wedding,i can't think much rather than our wedding arrangement only

the man went back to his hometown tonight and left me alone for the whole weekend. it is sad sometimes to spend weekend alone,but in the same time i felt relax.i got plenty of plans to do on this weekend..

-visiting hair salon..my hair is in a mess
-tidy up my wardrobe..honestly,it is in disaster condition
-clean up my room, dusts everywhere
-post out the wedding cards
-working half day on saturday
-attending coworker's wedding on sunday

i think my to-do-lists are enough to make me busier for the weekend..

happy weekend!

p.s.happy birthday,my man..love you 4ever
p.s.s.i don't get my man any present yet..i'm feeling guilty now about this..

Friday, November 29, 2013

a period of reflection & thoughts

photo via instagram @ joselovincolors

-believing that exercising will gave me my ideal weight

-reading "something from tiffany's" by melissa hill..i had just finished quarter only,i told ya..i'm a slow reader

-planning my wedding..it is difficult but i knew everything will be worth..

-eating my favorite chicken salads with sesame sauce

-motivating after viewing my brother's intagram..he is awesome with his 6 packs

-wearing my pajamas dress waiting for the man to come back..he went out with his buddies

Thursday, November 28, 2013

from canon 600d: gratitude notes

 where i wore it to: work..sorry for the wrinkles mess on my cardigan

though my country did not celebrate thanksgiving day, i still have to feel gratitude towards everything in my life.

thanks to my far far away families..my parents and siblings,you all are the best! supporting me whatever i did and i really miss you all

thanks to my man..encourages and giving me so much love that i needed

thanks to my friends..accompany me whenever i feel boring

thanks to my body..for letting me stay as healthy as i am today

thanks to my job..for molding me into someone independent and mature-thinking

thanks to the food..i don't like the hungry feeling

thanks to blog..for giving me so much inspirations that i never think i can have

thanks to my blog followers..you all are the best, and did you know that your comments encourage me to blog more?

happy thanksgiving!!

cardigan: john little
tulle dress: h&m

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

tuesday inspiration via pinterest

what do you think of slouchy tee?

i think slouchy tee is so comfy and casual to wear on weekend or shopping date with girlfriends.matching slouchy tee with a pair of leggings and loafers definitely make the whole outfits looked more eye-catching.

i, definitely will go and get one!!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

from canon 600d: maintaining good body figure

where i wore this to: work

i want to make a small confession here (no one really want to know what the confession about). i have trouble in slimming down..i guess every girls have the same problem. my ideal weight will be 55kgs-60kgs,yet i'm far further than this digits.and i'm frustrated!! and i was so scared to wear tighter outfits as they showed my "cute little fatty tummy" just like the photos above.i'm not pregnant!

maintaining a great figure needs huge courage & motivation to do so..and i don't even have it.i need advice..i need help..but slimming center is not my cup of tea..couple of my friends had very bad experiences through the center and i will not take any risks on this.perhaps,exercise more and eat less will do the magic?

any good advices for me?

top: taobao.com
skirt: i have forgotten

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

difficulty to wake up early morning..

where i wore it to: shopped for luggage on the weekend

recently, we got a lot of rain here. and i absolutely love the weather and temperature now.we got cooling weather for few days already and i hope rain will keep coming (perhaps,rain in night time during my sleep?).

because of the cool weather,i was reluctant to wake up every morning.let me tell you a secret..i switched on my alarm 6.25am daily,and i was only able to wake up 6.45am daily.i had being snoozing my alarm for 20 minutes!! blame the cozy blanket!! haha

top: bought from taobao.com
jean: giordano