Wednesday, October 31, 2012

daily style // walking around fort canning park

Over the weekend, Ken and I went to discover some new place for photography. We came across Fort Canning Park nearby Dhouby Ghout,which was a very pretty and historical park.And I had started to fall in love with this underground walk path,the photos turned out to be the most satisfying photos I ever had.

On this day, I went for all-black. Ken hate my outfits but I like how they turned out when I matched with scarf and leopard print loafers and of course Aladdin pant! I found this scarf somewhere around the corner of Bugis Street and I bought it for SGD1 only! Amazing,right?

On me:

Black singlet: Bugis Street
Scarf: Bugis Street
Aladdin pant: This Fashion,Redhill
Loafers: Rubi
Bag: From Taiwan
Earrings: Gift from cousin from Bali

On Ken:

Black Tee: IP Zone
Pant: Bought from Thailand
Slippers: Fipper

Sunday, October 28, 2012

from canon 600d: Hot day in Orchard Road

We went for a walk in Orchard Road yesterday.We had never being here since ages ago and I can predicted the day was a hot day! I choose to wear something comfortable and loose since we had a lot of walking to do.

I bought this loose pink sweater and polka dots dress while I was traveling in Taiwan a month ago.This was the outfits suited for summer wears!

Loose sweater & polka dots dress: Bought in Taiwan
Bag: Zakka from Taiwan
Shoes: Rubi
Watch: BUM

Friday, October 26, 2012

from canon 600d: Black Virgina Dress

Every girls need a little black dress to complete their wardrobe.Me too!! I had being searching for little black dress for a while and finally I found it in the corner of Cotton On.According to the label,the dress was made from 100% viscose,therefore it is more lightweight compare to normal cotton materials.

I wore it to dinner tonight and matched it with statement necklace.Definitely an add on bonus! I got a compliment from Ken saying I was cute!

Black dress: Cotton On
Statement necklace: Forgotten where I bought it..

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

from canon 600d: Blazers,blazers,blazers!

Blazer had became one of the most easiest clothing to match and my collection had increased in a few months time.I love blazer so much! It is the most easiest piece to match with other outfits and definitely looked smarter too.

Well, I got to wear my blazers on the past weekend while attending Rally. 

First outfit:
Beige blazer: G2000
Dress: G2000
Wedges: Rubi

Second outfit:
Black blazer: G2000
Polka dot Dress: Bought from Taiwan
Loafers: Rubi
Bag: Vincci

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

from iphone: Virginia Dress Mirror Floral Print

I got a new dress from last weekend when we were in Malaysia. And this is one of the dress I fall in love from the first sight I saw it.The print is so beautiful and the material is so soft that I wish to wear it everyday.

*I use Iphone5 to snap the photos,quality ain't good enough*

Dress: Cotton On
Cardigan: KL,Malaysia
Bag: Vincci
Shoes: Bought from Taiwan
Earrings: Gift from my mum

Thursday, October 11, 2012

from iphone: Artistry's T-shirt & $1 hair clip

This is the shirt that made me look 5kgs slimmer than normal.I'm Amway business for quite some times and I bought this black T-shirt with Artistry words during my last month trip to Taiwan. Black is always my priority color and I wore this shirt to a class on last Sunday.
And I bought ribbon hair clip for S$1 only!! I'm proud of myself that I can easily found some cheap yet pretty stuffs! Then I decided to tie my hair up just to show off my $1 hair clip.
Artistry's T-shirt: Bought from Amway Taiwan
Ribbon hair clip: Bugis Street