Wednesday, July 25, 2012

daly style // collar necklace

Black color is not Ken's favorite.He hates when I wear something black all the way from head to toes.But I can't resisted to wear this black dress as it is so comfy and most importantly,it matched with my collar necklace.I bought it ages ago yet never have the chance to wear it in a proper way.And I'm liking my collar necklace today!!

Location: my room
Dress: Red
Collar Necklace: purchase online

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

daily style // weekends wear


I wish to wear shorts on this day as weather was too hot but unfortunately I had to return to office half day.According to HR Policy,wet does not allowed to wear shorts and as a Human Resource Officer I had to give good example to other co-workers.Thus, three quarters jean suited well!! This outfits were so comfy that we even managed to go Johore to buy some motivation books too.

Location: City Square
Black shirt: Dorothy Perkins
Jean: Bought years ago,from my hometown
Long vest: Sg.Wang,Malaysia
Necklace: Gift from sis
Sandals: Rubi


We ran a few errands and we choose casual way..I don't even makeup or wear contact lenses..

Location: Jurong Point
Shirt: H & M
Shorts: Bought from hometown
Tote bag: Vincci
Slipper: Flipper

Friday, July 20, 2012

daily style // before thrift..

These outfit photos were taken on February,before I chopped off my long,curly hair.I love this long dress so much.I bought it without much consideration on the first time I saw it as I thought it was perfect for me.Yes,it was perfect on me and I looked much slimmer too.The only problem was I hate the length of the dress..I guess I will ask my mum to thrift it a shorter version!

Location: Chinese Garden
Long Dress: Bugis Junction
Belt: gift from sister
Sandal: Vincci
Tote Bag: Charles & Keith

Thursday, July 19, 2012

daily style // long cardigan

My manager stared at me when she reached office this morning and she whispered to herself "Where can she got those long cardigan?". I heard her question (even though she was whispering but her voice still loud) and I answered "John Little". Then she went off to meeting..

Cardigans are always my first choice in mix and match as they fit in with anything.I had lot of cardigans and I think I will still get more..

Dress: Miss Retro
Long cardigan: Monroe,John Little

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

daily style // grey with grey..

Can you believe I took this photos standing on my bed in my room?I reached home late today and outside had been very dark.

Today I wore this outfits to work.I love the ruffles and I love stripes too.So I combined both and they looked dull and colorless.I love colors and I always went for something brighter to make everything more lively.

I matched with chili red belt..and my world became colorful again!

Location:in my own room
Dress: G2000
Cardigan: G2000
Belt: Sg.Wang,Malaysia

Sunday, July 15, 2012

daily style // blue flowery dress

Today, I wore flowery dress with my new favorite flats.I always adore flowery dress as the country I stay in is 365 days summer.I bought this dress few years ago with a superb bargain price-$7 only!! If you're looking for new friends who willing to shop cheaply with you, do find me.I'm the right candidate for you..

Location: Level 7, Bugis+
Dress: Jurong Point (I had forgotten which shop)
Mini cardigan: Jusco,Malaysia
Flats: Rubi

finally in first..

Hi everyone,

This is my first post for "Jose Lovin' Colors". 
I had been stalking fashion blogs for ages and I always told myself that I want to do one too,just like others.But I never even get started as I always thought that I don't have professional camera for my outfit post.

Early of this month,Ken bought Canon EOS 600D!!! I was really happy and now I can do my outfit post without worrying the quality of the photos.

Wish me luck!